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Street Smart Profits

Brian Hope here writing for your online success!

My review of Street Smart Profits is a little on the long side. My goal was to provide you with as much detail about the product as possible so you’d be able to decide whether or not it’s for you. Everybody’s different, so it’s only natural we’ll all run our online businesses slightly differently, so nothing’s for everyone. Please take a moment to read the whole review below, it’s well worth reading, I promise!

Let’s Deconstruct What Street Smart Profits is All About…

I first heard of John Cornetta towards the end of 2011 when his infamous interview with David Eisner was released as a WSO. I think I paid about $10 for it, I can’t remember for sure, but in any case they’re giving it away as a bonus in the Fast Traffic Formula members area. The interview’s about how John built a list of 350,000 e-mail subscribers in his first 14 months online. If you ever tried building an e-mail list you don’t need me to tell you how insane that statistic sounds!

I mean, here I was struggling to add 100 subscribers to my list per month, while this guy who’s been online for much less time than I have is building a crazy massive list, making it look effortless, and banking hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process. To say I was interested in learning how he did it would be an understatement!

I won’t go into too much detail about what’s in the interview, that’s not really allowed anyway because it’s a paid product, but the essence of John’s strategies is extremely aggressive e-mail marketing done largely in conjunction with other marketers following the same practices.

Listening to that interview, my main thought was “wow, this guy is seriously CLEVER”.

However, the interview had a significant shortcoming. There was a lack of practical guidelines for listeners to copy the strategies talked about. You listen to John talking about everything he did, but very little about what you need to do to achieve the same success.

Like most Internet marketers I’ve become accustomed to only really follow training which lays out for me what I need to do in a step-by-step fashion, I’m not a fan of trying to figure things out for myself!

The idea of implementing the strategies John was talking about myself was pretty intimidating, so, to be honest, I did what so many of us would do: I did nothing! I just carried on doing business the way I’ve always done online, thinking “I’ll get around to that e-mail stuff…later”.

I kind of forgot about John Cornetta for a few months after that. As it happens I write reviews for Internet marketing products quite regularly, and as a result a few weeks ago I came across the knowledge that John was going to release a new program called Street Smart Profits on April 24.

My first thought was I had to find out more about this program, partly because I knew I definitely wanted to learn more from John, and of course eventually be able to put into practice the strategies he teaches. I knew it would be a course about e-mail marketing, because I knew from the interview I’d heard that John was an e-mail specialist. E-mail marketing has always been the weakest aspect of my Internet marketing game, and that’s a big problem because I know, you know, we all know that e-mail marketing is where the big money is online.

For instance, just think about how you first heard of Street Smart Profits. It was probably via e-mail, right? Since you’re on this page you probably didn’t buy the product right away, but so many other people on that same e-mail list will actually buy the truth about abs immediately after clicking on the affiliate link in that e-mail. You can be pretty sure whoever e-mailed you about Street Smart Profits banked a hefty sum of money as a result of sending that e-mail. The larger and more responsive the list is the more money they will have made.

Anyway, the next thing I did was to do some SEO on this site to get it ranked on the first page of Google for the search term “Street Smart Profits”. It makes sense to do that because that way I’d have the opportunity to present my eventual review to anyone interested in learning more about the product, and my business is based around SEO, so it was a very natural thing for me to do.

And then, before I knew it, John contacted me through my site and literally handed me a review copy of Street Smart Profits weeks before its release date!

The practice of product creators giving out commission conspiracy review copies is nothing new, but is only done by those selling a high-quality product. Naturally, anyone selling a substandard product would be reluctant to provide review access to it, they have nothing to gain by doing so.

I’ve been given review access to other products in the past, but I’ve always had to ask for it personally. It really did come as a shock to me that John would go as far as taking the initiative to contact people to give them review access. It clearly demonstrated his confidence in his product, and indicated his willingness to put serious effort into the product and the project as a whole.

What’s inside Street Smart Profits?

You get 12 hours of video training with Street Smart Profits, and PDF transcripts for every video. That’s definitely the largest amount of content I’ve ever come across for a product I was told would be priced at $47. But never mind the quantity, it’s the quality we’re interested in.

The course is designed to be accessible for all experience levels, from complete beginner to advanced marketer.

So it starts off by covering the absolute basics, with videos on Domain Name Registration, Hosting, FTP, cPanel, WordPress and so on. Of course you can skip all this if you already know it, it’s just included for those at the very beginning of their IM career. I know I skipped it, I certainly didn’t have the time to look at all that basic stuff!

The meat of the training, as you might have guessed, is about list building and e-mail marketing.

Going through these videos is like finally getting the practical know-how to implement the strategies John talks about in his interview with David Eisner. As it happens, in the introduction video to Street Smart Profits John recommends you start by listening to that interview (it’s included with Street Smart Profits). Doing so would kind of be like getting an overview of what you’re going to do when you dig into the Street Smart Profits course, a pretty handy thing to do.

There’s a huge amount of information and instructions in the video training. There are separate videos for all of the tactics John talks about in the interview. It’s all very powerful information aimed at building a list quickly, and extracting as much money as possible out of it quickly.

The course concludes with several videos on getting free traffic. The reasoning is simple: the more traffic you get to your site the better your chances will be of increasing your list size. Of course whether or not your list will actually grow as a result of more traffic, and what rate it grows at, depends on how well your squeeze pages convert, but the course is loaded with info on creating high converting squeeze pages.

Having gone through all the video training, I would say Street Smart Profits is more than worth the price of admission, and that’s without even considering the two software programs you get to help you implement the system!

John’s focus for Street Smart Profits is clearly on creating clarity, providing value, and results. Having gone through so many Internet marketing products over the years I know full well how rare it is for a training course at such a low price to be so in depth, transparent, and effective in terms of what it teaches.

There’s no question there’s a lot of work to be done to implement everything you learn inside the course, so this definitely isn’t something for those looking for an ‘easy answer’. In my experience there is no such thing anyway, so such as search is inevitably endless!

If you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and get to work then grab a copy of Street Smart Profits and get going.


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